Professional Services

AXIOM provides professional services centered around your most valuable asset…your people. Utilizing the right mix of employee benefits allows your tribal organization to retain employees longer and take better care of tribal members. With qualified and nonqualified plans, various employee benefit insurance programs, and customized training and education, your tribal entity will see the difference.



We provide a full suite of 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans and nonqualified retirement plans. Our consulting services can evaluate your current plan and assist in identifying which plan or plans are right for you.



A number of insurance products can be utilized to tailor your benefits package to tribal members and employees. Health, life and disability insurance can be important employee benefits for your people. Adding wellness plans improve employee health, makes for a better work environment and reduces overall healthcare costs.



AXIOM provides a number of employee and tribal member training opportunities. Designed to help people help themselves, our programs cover financial literacy topics such as budgeting, investing and saving, as well as health topics in wellness programs.

Improving Financial Health And Well Being In Native American Communities™ Since 1995.